Thank You!

With the satisfaction of launching a successful advertising campaign for this post even before it was written, and considering that a decent number of people are eagerly waiting for it…I finally sit down to complete it :D !!

The next 4 lines are written with the intent of justifying the possible ‘sentimental’ tone of the post.

Last one month has been slightly difficult, both at personal as well at work front. Losing important things at a crucial stage, facing some dirty politics at work and constantly being in a dull mood…the only thing to looked forward to was my birthday, which was aweeeesomeeeee!! :)

At a time like this, when everything is not the way you want it to be…you realize that there are some things which are better than you even thought they would be!

This one’s to all those people…who made me feel needed at some point or the other…who make this otherwise dreary phase of life look bright! Go find yourself in there :)

This one’s for someone who is as old a friend as new, who makes me nostalgic about school every single time I talk to him, to whom I talk to more than anyone else each day, with whom I spend a hell lot of time saying ‘okaaayys’ and ‘hmmmmsss’ and yet every time we keep down the phone, we start the countdown for the next call, who’s the only person I’ve ever really fought with, and still do everyday and yet with every passing day, the bond becomes stronger, who loves to tease me with every chocolate brand he knows and who’s reaction to this post I can guess this very moment, even when I’m writing this! :P

This one’s for someone who has been there with me in everything since the day we’ve met, with whom I can discuss just about anything, with whom I don’t have to care about being sophisticated, with whom I can be the silliest me and yet be comfortable and whose love for good food is enough to charm people around him!

This one’s for someone who is far away and yet the first person I feel like informing about any new developments in my life, with whom I can be a child getting scolded as well as the care-taker, scolding her, who is so easy to talk to that she is one of the very few people I can open up to without the risk of being judged! This one’s for my munchkin….whom I miss a lot!

This one’s for the crazy guy who I never expected would be happy being friends with me, who is almost diametrically opposite to me in temperament, with whom I don’t feel the need to keep in ‘constant touch’ to maintain the friendship or the ease, who’s compliments for my voice always leave me flattered and whose one of my best buddies!

This one’s for the sweetest guy on the planet, who is there to give you that Jadoo ki Jhappi whenever you need it the most, who is too good for this age and this world and my baniya friend!! :P

This one’s for this buddy who claims I’m the first girl he ever talked to that openly, who doesn’t hesitate in calling me in the middle of the night when he is in another world (:P) and one of those people for whom I really really wish all the happiness in the world!

This ones for the silly girl who’s been my friend since I can remember, who is always full of life, with whom I exchange pleasantries in the form of reprimands, with whom I know I am friends for life :)

This one’s for the smart guy who is sitting there making a lot money, to whom I go when I have to vent my anger, who never tells me what should be done, lets me do what I want to, who fondly calls me a family member, and makes me believe it!

This one’s for my oldest friend, who remembered me when I was sure she had forgotten me, with whom I used to eat mud when I was 4 years old and whose thought is enough to bring a smile to my face :)

This one’s to all these people who are important to me, with whom I can crib about not having a life, with whom I can celebrate my good moments!

This one’s for my crazy colleagues who make going to office fun!

And last but not the least, this one’s for those beautiful people I have never seen or met, yet there’s a connection because this blog connects me to them!

This one’s for all these people I love immensely and cannot think I would be able to do without!

Thank you to all of you!!


Hiii my dear lovely old new blog!!

I hope you like your new look!!

And now that I'm not so hesitant about writing anymore...I thought I'd give you a new name too!!

(Special thanks to mondodello for the nick uff course!!)


I'm back everyone!!

Getting creative this Diwali!

I am proud of myself!!

This year we made our best Rangoli ever!!

:) :) :)

Happy Diwali to all you beautiful people!

Be safe and enjoy yourself!!

A tumult of unrelated thoughts

What weather since a week!!

The monsoons kinda forgot to visit this part of the country...looks like they just remembered. The Yamuna is flooding! But I doubt if its because of the rains. It's probably more because the river bed has risen for all the waste of the city that has settled down, and now it's not able to take the influx of water from the mountains.

This one goes for the news reporters who enjoyed a mention in my last post:

Sensationalize THIS!!
And not only against the government, but against every Delhiite, or should I say NCR-ite, who has a hand in polluting the river.


The movie on the book that you can see to your right is out....and I haven't even read the book yet!!
Everything 'important' seems to have been postponed till my exam...sigh!!


Would I pose myself as demented if I say that last night I dreamt that I was being given an ultimatum that I'm going to be married to a guy in 10 days and that I won't even be allowed to meet him once?

Ummmm....I woke up sobbing!!!

Thankfully noone saw!!


This thing is taking a toll on me....Gawd!


My phone camera has gone crazy (read kharaab ho gaya hai)...but it's taking sexy pictures!

Pssstttt....those are my new specs :D

Don't you dare ask how I look in them!!!!!!

Disagreeing with everything

Now this should be irritating for anyone. I have been trying to write something for like...3 weeks. But nothing comes to my mind. Its ossified. Considering the fact that I am giving an analytical writing exam in 15 days....that is just not acceptable!

Ok...this was a warning in disguise...
The following lines are going to be utter nonsense.


I'm bored of listening to songs :(

Imagine THAT happening to someone! I have heard so many in the last couple of months that I am tired of old songs. Need I mention courtesy whom?

Dad has made me listen to so many of them...that now I've literally started running away from the FM or windows media player or the music system....anything that's capable of producing music.

And now I have to download like 400 songs for Dad!


I am happy that the court decided against the Modi ordinance of banning Jaswant Singh's book. These people have made a joke out of democracy!

I am surprised and saddened by the fact that people of our country get offended by the most insubstantial matters. For God's sake...that's his take!

Aiwwe hi siyappa faila rakha hai!


Another one...

The hue and cry over YSR's untimely and unfortunate demise.

I respect the state's sentiments and their respect for the leader. But why does everything have to be put to government's onus????
Rioting and burning public property will help?

His helicopter was a machine!

Machines fail....planes crash!!

And you should just listen to the 'omniscient' news reporters...

"If only the CM's helicopter had turned right instead of left, the tragedy could have been averted. The government is amenable for this mishap but its doing nothing!"

Excuse me?

You are doing nothing constructive but provoking the already agitated mob...go bury your face in the ground!


I'm GRE is in 15 days and I still have a lot to study :(

And now if one more person asks me to get married, I'll shout....and shout real loud!!!

Tag Tagged Tagging

Nandu's tag continued....

A – Available/Single? - Single

B – Best friend? – Many, God has been kind to me.

C – Cake or Pie? – None really.

D – Drink of choice? - Breezer.

E – Essential item you use every day?
– Jhonson’s Baby cream.

F – Favorite colour? – Plum Purple.

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? – Gummy bears, I think they are cute.

H – Hometown? – Saddi Dilli.

I – Indulgence? – Food and music.

J – January or February? –February, for moderate weather.

K – Kids & their names? – I look like a mother of two…but I’m NOT!!

L – Life is incomplete without? – Friends any day.

M – Marriage date? – Somewhere near my birthday.

N – Number of siblings? - 1 younger sister.

O – Oranges or Apples? – None

P – Phobias/Fears? – Heights and Cockroaches.

Q – Quote for today? – Quote???
Somebody help me clean my room first!!!

R – Reason to smile? - Dogs.

S – Season? -Winter.

T – Tag 3 People?Sridhar, Kritika, Rupali

U – Unknown fact about me? – I can be made jealous easily.

V – Vegetables you don't like? – Coriander!!!!

W – Worst habit? – Biting nails.

X – X-rays you've had? – Just one…that too in my smallest toe….couldn’t have been more inconsequential :(

Z – Zodiac sign? - Saggitarius

I want everything...

I think I am one person who has fancied becoming everything in life. I cannot think of a single profession that I did not contemplate pursuing. Always fickle minded, my goal in life used to change every month...I’ve been everything….from the doctor to the astronaut to the news reader to the encounter specialist police office (hehe)…I’ve imagined it all!!!

And here I am now, running in the 23rd year of my life and still on the same page. The only difference is that my goals don’t change every month…they change every year, if you consider that as improvement!

Is it really bad to be 22 years old and not know what to do in life and yet choose a goal and work towards it and then oscillate between being skeptical and sure about the decision????


A sinking feeling is setting in…things are not the same as they were. But then they had to change…and it’s not that I wasn’t aware of it. With people leaving, the group becoming smaller by day, things not as rosy at work, I gaining a lot of weight, mom nagging me about it every 5 minutes…the coming days don’t seem nice enough to enjoy.

Parting from friends was never this difficult…I left my childhood friends when I came to Delhi from Alwar too. Probably then I didn’t realize what I was leaving behind. Now, when I’m being left behind by people leaving for their respective careers and life…I feel abandoned.

I know that response is an exaggerated one….maybe it will pacify itself with time.


I'm sooo happy!!!

Finally a new dog in our family! I love dogs...and i love labradors even more!!!

and Naughty is a darling!!


Isn't she absolutely adorable????

My new shoes :)

The fruits of the election are yet to be distributed....but I made my day fruitful in the most desired fashion :D

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

The law of truth

"Important truths begin as outrageous, or at least uncomfortable, attacks upon the accepted wisdom of the time."
The most difficult thing to accept in life is change. And those who accept the constant behavior of change are the wisest of the human race.

Mankind has evolved on its own terms. Each new discovery that man has made has been resisted, more by his fellow human beings than his natural surroundings. History has witnessed the introduction of every aspect of reality and can recall for us how well, or rather poorly they were accepted on their first trial.
Man is an intelligent animal, who can think and formulate views about the working of things in and around him. However, this very aspect of his nature caused him to believe that his theories are more correct than the others’. More than often, the truth came out late enough to make him too rigid in his belief.
Right from the realization that the earth is not flat to the possibility that there might be living creatures apart from us somewhere out there in the universe, which is still a mystery to the inhabitants of planet Earth, we have always found it difficult to accept the truth, which was always evident.
Take for example, the discovery by Galileo Galilei that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way round, as was believed prior to his discovery. When Galileo came up with this idea, it severely injured the belief of the Church and the masses who were living since ages with the belief that the world is immovable and its foundations have been laid by God. The result was the Church banning his ideas, trying him in the court and putting him on a house arrest.
Such was the impact of the most pressing truth of nature.

It’s not only the facts about natural phenomena; social realities have also been accepted with unease, in fact with even more difficulty. The man is driven by a strong desire to be accepted in the society. Hence, the acknowledgement of any idea that makes him stand on the other side of the majority simply doesn’t appear to be worth the trouble.

Various social reformers in India during the British rule preached equality for women, laid emphasis on education for girls and tried to raise voices against evils like Sati and vouched for widow remarriage. These were the people most hated by the society then, all because they tried to introduce people to the simple truth that women are humans and have the right to a humane life and happiness, but something that did not match with the exiting ideologies. But the style of living and treatment of women was set in such a way, that even women did not dare to show a positive face to their revolution. Anyone who insinuated that the reforms were, in actuality, a blessing in the form of a change, were isolated and boycotted.

To live with one’s own belief is more convenient than believing the truth and aligning oneself to it. It is human nature to gainsay the reality. The human mind is overwhelmed with insecurities and a fear from bringing about a change, so much so that it becomes an enormous task to let the truth trickle down. The acceptance is inspired by man’s own will to change and make life better.

Truth actuates social and ideological changes. Educated people find it easier to accede to the new ideas while the others oppose it. Give me an incentive to believe you and I will. This is how the law of truth works and always will.


If you want to take a ride of the Delhi city skyline, you don't need a helicopter. Delhi Metro hai na!

As the train makes it way from station to station, you are presented with a sea of small and big houses, slums, malls, office complexes, towers, bridges in the distance, roads with the usual bustling traffic of Delhi...etc etc. It's like going through a synopsis of the city.

Especially when you travel early in the morning, the city can be a real sight. Unfortunately I was going for an exam and I did not have my camera with me. I missed some good clicks :(

Metro makes me really proud of being a part of this city. Every single time I travel in the Metro, I feel exultant. Not that Delhi is the first city to have it...its the fact that 6 years into operation its still not corrupted. Every station is still clean....I'm so glad that despite the fact that every section of the society travels in the Metro, you still won't find blobs of goo on the walls and people pushing each other. Atleast people realize that it's a place for the civilized. I wish they showed respect to the rest of the city in the same way!

I just cannot wait for the NOIDA Metro line to start. It will mean easy access to shopping hubs and far away hang out zones. We're bored of Noida...aren't we folks?!!

My kinda romance..

I am not a freaky reader. I do pick up books now and then but mostly leave them when I am 10 pages through. If they can hold my attention by then I read on, otherwise I just give up on them.

Bobbsey Twins and Harry Potter were till now the only book series which were able to really hold my attention. No other books that I 'completed' made me feel that I'd remember them as a good read.
A week ago I saw my cousin totally engrossed in this book Twilight and I borrowed it from her. And since then I haven't been able to put it down. I finished the four book series within 10 days, and considering my reading speed, that's really something!

For Non-Twilight readers, in simple words its a vampire love story.

Yeah yeah, I's NOT a cheesy romantic novel like Mills n Boons and the like. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever read...subtle romance as Krits would call it. A dark love story...and I'm a sucker for them!
I fell in love with Edward the moment I read his introduction in the story...and its still going strong :D
For me, the story is everything I was looking for in a romance novel. The 'unconditional and irrevocable' love that Bella and Edward share, the restrain Edward has to put to himself to stop him from killing her and they being able to get past the difference between a mortal and an immortal....everything has been so beautifully put that you wouldn't feel there could be a different, better way to put it.

For those who are intrigued...let this post not be a spoiler...go read it yourself :)
For those who find this stupid/crazy/cheesy etc etc. can just go away...hmph!

The first book's movie - Twilight ...was a slight disappointment for me in the sense that many plots of the book have been tampered with. But Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen more than makes up for any flaws :)

The music of the movie is worth a try....though its mostly instrumental, but great piano work (if that's piano what I hear :D)

Hope you like it...


Carter Burwell Bellas Lullaby - 12
More at

With lyrics:

Lullaby - The Mitch Hansen Band
More at

Long time!

Hello my blog!

Happy New Year!
I know I’ve been away a long time…no excuses…I just didn’t have anything to write.

The last month was very uneventful, in the sense that I went to office for 21 days out of 31. The rest were weekends when I usually slept or met up friends. The last 2 days are worth a mention. They were fun for we went to Bhimtaal and Nainital for the New Year. And it was the first trip outside for our digital camera too. That meant a lot of clicking, mostly silly pics and some really sexy ones!

The best thing about a digital camera in your hand is that you can click a picture as soon as you see something worth a capture. And I made full use of it…

For example…

I’m sure that’s enough examples for you to appreciate my photography skills. : )

Geeee…thanks! :D

Moving on, the recent kidnap and rape in Noida has freaked me out completely! I have started leaving office not later than 6:30 every evening since then. I can’t believe the atrocious crimes committed right in our neighborhoods. It has had a bad effect on me. Even while driving, I fear overtaking someone rashly, just so he doesn’t get angry or offended and do something…because face the fact…when a car or bikes full of guys surround a girl, there is little she can do…even if she believes in women empowerment and their right to roam about freely and fearlessly etc etc. I have to admit I’m scared…and so are a lot of other girls like me.

Anyway…don’t really have much on cards…except a lot of expenditure…promised my sis that I’ll buy her an IPod for her birthday.