Disagreeing with everything

Now this should be irritating for anyone. I have been trying to write something for like...3 weeks. But nothing comes to my mind. Its ossified. Considering the fact that I am giving an analytical writing exam in 15 days....that is just not acceptable!

Ok...this was a warning in disguise...
The following lines are going to be utter nonsense.


I'm bored of listening to songs :(

Imagine THAT happening to someone! I have heard so many in the last couple of months that I am tired of old songs. Need I mention courtesy whom?

Dad has made me listen to so many of them...that now I've literally started running away from the FM or windows media player or the music system....anything that's capable of producing music.

And now I have to download like 400 songs for Dad!


I am happy that the court decided against the Modi ordinance of banning Jaswant Singh's book. These people have made a joke out of democracy!

I am surprised and saddened by the fact that people of our country get offended by the most insubstantial matters. For God's sake...that's his take!

Aiwwe hi siyappa faila rakha hai!


Another one...

The hue and cry over YSR's untimely and unfortunate demise.

I respect the state's sentiments and their respect for the leader. But why does everything have to be put to government's onus????
Rioting and burning public property will help?

His helicopter malfunctioned....it was a machine!

Machines fail....planes crash!!

And you should just listen to the 'omniscient' news reporters...

"If only the CM's helicopter had turned right instead of left, the tragedy could have been averted. The government is amenable for this mishap but its doing nothing!"

Excuse me?

You are doing nothing constructive but provoking the already agitated mob...go bury your face in the ground!


I'm scared....my GRE is in 15 days and I still have a lot to study :(

And now if one more person asks me to get married, I'll shout....and shout real loud!!!


kritika said...

naiceee... u knw what you should keep writing news on your blog coz that seems to be on e thing i will check and read also and thus get to know what is happening :D
And how in the world can u be bored of songs ... listen to the one i told you to.."do u love me " from the movie dirty dancing !!!!:D

celestialrays said...

i totally agree with kritika, u write your version of the news very well :)

Aastha Goyal said...

@ krits

Hehehe...ppl go out of the way to keep their GK updated!! :D

@ celestialrays

Thanks :)

Anchal said...

atlsy v dnt have to go tohru the daily newspaper.. heheehhe

mondodello said...

Haha ... call this post a motley mix of of-the-cuff comments ...

Nice one ... feels 'refreshing' to read an impromptu blog after a long time ... these days people write blogs as if they are publishing in the Wall Street Journal ... everything perfect an' all ...

But that's not what blogs came into being as ... so Thanks Madam for reminding us that ... :D!!

And, all the best for GRE ... you'll do well!

DiDo said...

wow.. seriously ...reading the news wid remarks like these is quite entertaining.u shud continue wrting them :P ... as far the GRE exam.. all the best... and if some asks u to get married i'l also scream alongwith u.. coz even i'm irritated with tht topic.. its the same old story everywhere :(
bored of songs?? dont be girl thts the best thing in the world :)

Aastha Goyal said...

@ Milan

You always have something to make me feel proud of what I do...don't you??
Thankssss :)

@ Dido

You sailing in the same boat!!
Gawwwwddd....I don't understand why getting married so early is so important!
I couldn't care less abt it!!

celestialrays said...

hey gurl,

Howz it going with GRE?

I found this - http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/news/city/ahmedabad/Students-launch-online-portal-to-woo-recruiters/articleshow/4992262.cms

Is it you? I know the name's spelling is dfferent, but would like to think its you :)

Aastha Goyal said...


GRE??...dont ask :(
the scores will tell...

And i;m sorry to disappoint u...but this isn't me :)

celestialrays said...

ohh lots of good luck to u then! :)

Aastha Goyal said...


reallllyyy need it!