ZEALICON 2008!!!

Hello Friends,

JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida is going to have its techfest in the month of march, commencing from 14th.

The official site is


The official blog is


Do visit!!!

Me at work!!

Zealicon 2008…
Our techfest….coming up in March…and holy cow!!!
I’ve ended myself up in the college technical committee!
Well…it gives me a sense of work…and I also came to know what being busy is! Hehe!
At least I am doing something constructive like most of the people around me…I don’t feel useless anymore!
I never knew that an event takes so much to be organized, so much work, so much pressure! Everyday a new issue coming up…and it’s been just 3 days into it. I guess that’s how it is…I am sure I’ll get used to working like that…I hope I do!