Long time!

Hello my blog!

Happy New Year!
I know I’ve been away a long time…no excuses…I just didn’t have anything to write.

The last month was very uneventful, in the sense that I went to office for 21 days out of 31. The rest were weekends when I usually slept or met up friends. The last 2 days are worth a mention. They were fun for we went to Bhimtaal and Nainital for the New Year. And it was the first trip outside for our digital camera too. That meant a lot of clicking, mostly silly pics and some really sexy ones!

The best thing about a digital camera in your hand is that you can click a picture as soon as you see something worth a capture. And I made full use of it…

For example…

I’m sure that’s enough examples for you to appreciate my photography skills. : )

Geeee…thanks! :D

Moving on, the recent kidnap and rape in Noida has freaked me out completely! I have started leaving office not later than 6:30 every evening since then. I can’t believe the atrocious crimes committed right in our neighborhoods. It has had a bad effect on me. Even while driving, I fear overtaking someone rashly, just so he doesn’t get angry or offended and do something…because face the fact…when a car or bikes full of guys surround a girl, there is little she can do…even if she believes in women empowerment and their right to roam about freely and fearlessly etc etc. I have to admit I’m scared…and so are a lot of other girls like me.

Anyway…don’t really have much on cards…except a lot of expenditure…promised my sis that I’ll buy her an IPod for her birthday.