The goods, the bads and the randoms

Going home is so close now. A week later I'd be cuddling in Mum's lap, just how I've been imagining everyday since last the few months.

I'm torn between staying at home and not leaving Mom's side for a second and doing all that I've been thinking I'll do in India and going all the places I want to go to and eating all that I have been deprived of...there's so much to do and very little time. 20 days.
These are going to be the shortest 20 days of my life, and the happiest too!


Why am I not exactly happy when the day I've been waiting for for 6 months now is finally here? Cook's over. And had I been waiting for it or what!

Then why this feeling of leaving behind a year and all that?
Stuff with no explanation.


I'm going to lose Bo-Bu.

They've been so good to me!

They took no time adjusting with me.
They do a small happy dance when I enter the room and greet them.
They did not complain when I couldn't find time to clean their tank or when I broke their tank.
They listen to my random musings.
They waddle their feet frantically in agreement or turn their heads and swim to the other side of the tank in disagreement.
If something I say is beyond the comprehension of the reptile species, they still are nice to me. They blink at me and pretend to be good listeners.

What else can one ask for!

Gosh I'm going to miss them every single time I enter my room and don't find them there.



Why can I not put a stop to my mind sometimes? Why does it always have to be so active and thinking things that just don't exist! I don't need to think and I don't need to think! Ughhhh!!!!


Even the best of them give in after a while. Always bragging that I'm not the mommy's baby kinds, I was able to live up to it for a year and no more.
A year away from home and now 'm suddenly so home sick that I can't bear it!

A year isn't a bad score though, is it?


Boredom is boring.

My Crib Corner

This is going to be a proper post after ages.
It's not true that I've been busy. I have been visiting this page regularly, in the hope of finding an idea, or a new comment maybe. But every time, I just end up going "Baaah, not now".
Has life really become that monotonous? Not really, I have been doing fun stuff, breaking my friend's nose for instance!
Somehow it's not fun to write about fun stuff. Blogs are crib corners, and reliable ones at that!

Which is why today's urge to write is driven by some weird realizations. I suck at my expressions, for instance. For the first time, I have encountered the problem of being misunderstood, not once, but multiple times, for not giving the 'right' expression while cracking a joke or saying something frivolously because of which the receiver took offense!

Now how are you supposed to remedy THAT?

Another one -

One of your best friends, out of the blue, starts insisting that we've lost the rhythm we shared while talking. This, when I was under the impression that actually we're so close. It's so easy to fight with this one person again n again and still get back and start blabbering about stuff that happened in the day. And when I try to bring a change in the thought process, the friend refuses to discuss it and insists that we let the friendship die a slow poisoned death!

Exactly WHAT do I do about THIS?

I mean seriously, I have never had so much trouble handling people. And all of this together, it gets scary. I'm plain refraining from making scarier conclusions here, which is why this post gets an abrupt end.


Arki goes mobile!

Alright's something new. Something we haven't tried blogging!

Treat the coming posts as my tweets or daily status messages that I'd rather write here than on Facebook...atleast I'll be regular, won't have to think before even writing and won't seem such a work.

No! I like writing! But probably an article like thingy with a proper title and all isn't really my thing all the time...this is just going to make it easier. And that's why I almost pounced on the Blogger Android app.

So here goes the first mobile post from Arki :)
Watch out for more! :P