Hiii my dear lovely old new blog!!

I hope you like your new look!!

And now that I'm not so hesitant about writing anymore...I thought I'd give you a new name too!!

(Special thanks to mondodello for the nick uff course!!)


I'm back everyone!!


prerna said...

hi..not sure whether ur blog likes it or not.. but i like the new look & the nick name u've given to ur blog :)

ArkAngel said...

thankeeee DW!!! :)

Anshu Gupta said...

HEY Line the new name .... sounds kinda cool !!

Keep writing :)

celestialrays said...

thank heavens u r back!!!
love the new look

ArkAngel said...

Thanksss Anshu!!

CS...hey!! :)

Thanks for liking the look!
I was a li'l skeptical!

Sridinats said...

Hey Aastha..I never thought you would consider me the sweetest guy on the planet..but thank you so much you too..keep the flame burning

ArkAngel said...


You're most welcome my love...but I wish you'd move your eyeballs a line above...oops sorry!...a post above and check whats written for YOU :P