Don't even ask!

It's weird how you know certain things, but won't realize that you don't understand them till someone says it out loud to you!
And when they do, you feel stupid to not have realized them :| !
And by then, you've already done the damage.
:: Sighhhh!!!! ::

Chronicles Of Arki's adventures in the US of A - Part I

I can’t believe I’m writing this to give company to a lazy blogger!

And I was even told what topic to write on….so the readers will have to excuse me if this one sounds like an essay :P !

So I landed in the US exactly 20 days before today, and since then I have been answering questions about how I like the place and what is unique or not-so-unique about it. To be honest, I’m tired of these questions ‘cause there’s nothing special here! As I climbed down the aircraft, I had to tell myself to get a little excited about finally setting foot in another land, for the first time in my life. But the excitement never came.

The only :O moment was when I saw the awesome cars running on the roads here. But I got used to that in a week flat…and then that slight high was also gone.

No doubt the lifestyle is more ‘tech-savvy’ than India’s, but then I’m not used to it, and therefore I don’t enjoy it much. I’m not homesick or depressed, no! But it’s as good as shifting to Mumbai/Pune/Bangalore/Hyderabad. In fact, I would’ve been able to go home more frequently had I been in one of those cities.


And then I’ve had my share of feeling foreign in a foreign land. When I hum Hindi songs while waiting for the bus, I can see people giving me quick glances and nodding to each other. “Pssstttt….she’s an Indian” which always feels like “She’s not an American”. And then you are reminded of that fact that you are 8000 miles away from home and your people.

But then all this is a part of the package, and I was under the impression that I’m prepared for it. Haha, not really….but it isn’t that bad too. I like the cleanliness and shopping in Target or Marsh :P !

The real low comes when you have had a long tiring day in the campus, and when you start towards your dwelling, it sinks in that there’s nothing to look forward to. Go, cook, eat, sleep. Mechanical life.

I really wish I had a few more good things to say…

Maybe next time, when I'm more used to this quiet, cricket-inhabited place!