A tumult of unrelated thoughts

What weather since a week!!

The monsoons kinda forgot to visit this part of the country...looks like they just remembered. The Yamuna is flooding! But I doubt if its because of the rains. It's probably more because the river bed has risen for all the waste of the city that has settled down, and now it's not able to take the influx of water from the mountains.

This one goes for the news reporters who enjoyed a mention in my last post:

Sensationalize THIS!!
And not only against the government, but against every Delhiite, or should I say NCR-ite, who has a hand in polluting the river.


The movie on the book that you can see to your right is out....and I haven't even read the book yet!!
Everything 'important' seems to have been postponed till my exam...sigh!!


Would I pose myself as demented if I say that last night I dreamt that I was being given an ultimatum that I'm going to be married to a guy in 10 days and that I won't even be allowed to meet him once?

Ummmm....I woke up sobbing!!!

Thankfully noone saw!!


This thing is taking a toll on me....Gawd!


My phone camera has gone crazy (read kharaab ho gaya hai)...but it's taking sexy pictures!

Pssstttt....those are my new specs :D

Don't you dare ask how I look in them!!!!!!


Sid said...

you woke up sobbing?! Poor girl...

anyway, how do you look in them? :P

Aastha Goyal said...

haan Sidi :(

Bad na!!

And actually I look pretty ok...ppl say they suit me :D

DiDo said...

aah.. these marriage nightmares :(((( .. i get strange dreams like these too yaar.. believe me itsss a big torture and u just cant get rid of this :(( god help us..!!!

celestialrays said...

awwww please don't cry... sigh these pressures are quite bad :(

fancy glasses! i bet u look quite hot in them ;)

Aastha Goyal said...

@ DiDo

I know :(

@ celestialrays

Not really :D

kritika said...

what in the world....
abe im telling u run away run away... be the runaway bride :D :D

Anchal said...

i agree wid u kritika maam.. :P instd of goin fr gre r u planning to bcm a photogrphr nw.. :D

mondodello said...

Okay we'll follow the same style as in the blog:

"Sensationalize THIS" ... haha ... I can imagine - "Cameraperrrrrson Tejas ke saath main, Deepak Chaurasia, Aaj Tak ke liye" ... or may be a one hour marathon 'special' show with fifteen commercial ads and half a dozen panelists pseudo-intellectually blurting out their comments on this grave incident! And yup, don't forget to give the credit to the channel because they brought it to you first! Sabse Tez!!!


What's so special about the book? Make that the content of your next post ... saves me the effort of reading it! Who is interested in fiction anyway :P!


You post about it on a WWW blog and you say "Thankfully noone saw" ... Amazing!


Specs look good ... and look at the positive side - your cam is applying the Photoshop basic effects and then presenting the pic ... double kaam. Enjoy gal!

DiDo said...

Ur Tagged..!! Check my blog

celestialrays said...

You are missed girl...
everything OK?

Aastha Goyal said...


Im sorry for the absence!!

Just been busy in things...promise to post something soon!!

Thanks so much :)

sinnlighet said...

Soon, soon I go back to India. I wish I had been born in this great warm embrace!

By the way....yes yes yes your blog is filled up with wonderful inspiring.

Here is a footprint from me in Sweden!

Peace & Love


Aastha Goyal said...

Thanks Agneta!

Thats really kind... :)