If you want to take a ride of the Delhi city skyline, you don't need a helicopter. Delhi Metro hai na!

As the train makes it way from station to station, you are presented with a sea of small and big houses, slums, malls, office complexes, towers, bridges in the distance, roads with the usual bustling traffic of Delhi...etc etc. It's like going through a synopsis of the city.

Especially when you travel early in the morning, the city can be a real sight. Unfortunately I was going for an exam and I did not have my camera with me. I missed some good clicks :(

Metro makes me really proud of being a part of this city. Every single time I travel in the Metro, I feel exultant. Not that Delhi is the first city to have it...its the fact that 6 years into operation its still not corrupted. Every station is still clean....I'm so glad that despite the fact that every section of the society travels in the Metro, you still won't find blobs of goo on the walls and people pushing each other. Atleast people realize that it's a place for the civilized. I wish they showed respect to the rest of the city in the same way!

I just cannot wait for the NOIDA Metro line to start. It will mean easy access to shopping hubs and far away hang out zones. We're bored of Noida...aren't we folks?!!

My kinda romance..

I am not a freaky reader. I do pick up books now and then but mostly leave them when I am 10 pages through. If they can hold my attention by then I read on, otherwise I just give up on them.

Bobbsey Twins and Harry Potter were till now the only book series which were able to really hold my attention. No other books that I 'completed' made me feel that I'd remember them as a good read.
A week ago I saw my cousin totally engrossed in this book Twilight and I borrowed it from her. And since then I haven't been able to put it down. I finished the four book series within 10 days, and considering my reading speed, that's really something!

For Non-Twilight readers, in simple words its a vampire love story.

Yeah yeah, I's NOT a cheesy romantic novel like Mills n Boons and the like. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever read...subtle romance as Krits would call it. A dark love story...and I'm a sucker for them!
I fell in love with Edward the moment I read his introduction in the story...and its still going strong :D
For me, the story is everything I was looking for in a romance novel. The 'unconditional and irrevocable' love that Bella and Edward share, the restrain Edward has to put to himself to stop him from killing her and they being able to get past the difference between a mortal and an immortal....everything has been so beautifully put that you wouldn't feel there could be a different, better way to put it.

For those who are intrigued...let this post not be a spoiler...go read it yourself :)
For those who find this stupid/crazy/cheesy etc etc. can just go away...hmph!

The first book's movie - Twilight ...was a slight disappointment for me in the sense that many plots of the book have been tampered with. But Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen more than makes up for any flaws :)

The music of the movie is worth a try....though its mostly instrumental, but great piano work (if that's piano what I hear :D)

Hope you like it...


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