My moment to be proud!

As I entered the ground with Dad I saw a huge stage, the biggest I have seen till date. When I had seen it from the road I take to office everyday, I had mistaken it for a huge metro crane. Now I knew what it was. It was a Guinness Book of World Records event in the making.

Bramhanaad, an initiative by the Art of Living Foundation to raise relief funds for the Bihar flood victims was an event of great beauty and serenity. For the first time, 1200 Sitarists had been brought together and made to perform collectively. Watching 2000 musicians assembled on a single stage was a sight in its own.

The stage, in Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia’s words, looked like a sea of instruments and ‘Surs’, beautifully lit and majestic.

Hoards of people had assembled, to meet their spiritual master Jagadguru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji.

We, though, had gone there for a different reason. My little cousin was one of the Sitarists on the stage. I am not a believer/follower or Gurudev as they affectionately call him. But with all respect to him, I do admire him to have influenced such a large number of people all over the country for good.

So, even as he was speaking, I was busy looking at my cousin, Saarthak, fidgeting with his clothes and becoming restless, obviously not interested in the spiritual talk. Every 2 seconds he would look towards the big screen covering the event live right behind him to see if he is there on it or not. : )

He was the youngest Sitarist among all of them. He is 9 and has been learning Sitar since 4 and half years already. And before I forget to mention, he is my darling!

That's him!

Various speeches by different people took some time to finish. All this while I was wondering if Saarthak will be able to match to these experienced people who have been playing the instrument for I don’t know how many years. But when the first symphony was announced, he confidently picked up his Sitar, tuned it and started playing with such finesse that I was amazed. He knew exactly when he had to stop, when to start, when to play what, which by my standards is a lot for a 9 year old, especially when he is playing with all sorts of people, novice and hell experienced!

And I was so proud….I just felt like going to the stage and hug him, tell everyone that he is my little brother. : )


The symphonies were beautiful. Apart from Saarthak, if I paid any attention to anyone on the stage, it was this lead musician playing the flute. Only if I could play like him! He was simply out of this world!

There is one thing that Gurudev said and I totally agree with him. He said that there should be at least one child in the family learning classical music. And he is so right. Classical music touches the heart and nothing can match its flavor.

I’m so proud of you Saarthak!

Dying to be born!!

My birthday is just a week away and I am super excited!!

I have been waiting for it for 2 months, counting each day…yeah I know that sounds obsessive but I have been like that about my birthdays since the time I was old enough to figure out that it’s November…my birthday month!

People always ask me what I want for my birthday, and I am never able to come up with anything. I just like surprises…love them! And I love the attention I get on my birthday. It’s my day…only mine!!

Ok, when I sat writing this post…I was going to make a wish list of what I want on my birthday. But as usual…I am not able to think of anything...I guess its going to be surprises again :)


My Birthday is coming…yippeeee doooodllleee!!!!


This is has been the most hectic week in 6 months. Work has been falling the size of boulders on us. 11 hours continuously working…that’s been my longest in office!

Oh, by the way…I have been making some new friends. As in, not casual acquaintances.
I mean, we meet so many new people almost everyday. You strike an easy conversation with some and with some others you don’t feel all that comfortable. Would rather stick to Hi’s and Hello’s with them. But then, it’s not always that you feel that this person is going to be more than just a social contact. Sometimes a chord strikes somewhere and you know that you are going to be friends, and remain like that. That you will go out of your way to keep in touch.
And I am glad I found a couple of such people in the last few weeks. I am not going to take names. It might just kill the feeling…something’s are not be unwrapped. If they read this, they’ll know I’m talking of them…and if this brings a smile…we are friends : )

In the meantime…someone save me from office!!! : (

Spitting out my disgust!

Did I mention I hate people who spit on the roads???

I am sure I must have, and hate them I do!

This morning when I was going to office on my scooty, this absolutely disgusting man moving on a scooter ahead of me spat a mouthful, and it landed straight on my helmet visor, thank God for the visor it would have been my face!!!

And that did it!

I chased him till the next signal…and as soon as he stopped I just caught hold of him and shouted my head off. And surprisingly, he was an educated man! And I was so grossed out…I was close to abusing him in front of everyone who gathered there suddenly. I told him to never get his ass on roads again (not that he took me seriously or even listened to me but I was so angry I didn’t even care he was at least 20 years older than me).
And the worst part is, all he said was – "Sorry, I didn’t see you were behind me..."


What difference does it make you stupid man!! You are bloody spitting on the road and you don’t even regret it despite a public affront. And I was so sickened I just left from there. I mean what can you say to an educated man when he knows what he is doing and doesn’t care…let alone regret it. One can expect an illiterate to understand once taught, but what can one do about these educated illiterates???

New look

Hi people,

As you can see I have tried out this new look for my blog...
I like it...but I'm still not too sure because of mixed reviews...some say that the previous look was better...

Help me decide which one to keep :(

Happy Birthday Nandu!

Its Nandita's birthday today...and she's upset with me because my last post doesn't have a pic of hers (now we know the reason for over-criticizing the pic...hehe!) and she wants me to put one of her pics on me blog...

I guess I should do this for her on her birthday :)

This one's for you Nandu!


Just a thought

Sometimes, flicking through old pics...remembering the good times.... makes you cry.

I was browsing through our college time pics....and so many memories just came flooding in...i couldn't control myself : )