Useless usefulness

The weekend is over and office again tomorrow. These two days pass the quickest. Not that I have back breaking piles of work in office, but nothing can match the satisfaction of being able to get up at 11 in the morning, even with the kicks I get from mom when I get up that late. There’s nothing like lazing around the whole day in front of the TV or maybe with a book. Thankfully that’s how I spent my weekend this time. Usually most of my weekends go busy.
So, here I am on this Sunday evening, in the best of the lazy moods and thinking. Thinking about anything and everything. Yes this is one of those absolutely random posts so you can by all means navigate to another page from here.
For those who decide to read on…
I was thinking about how suddenly we have transformed from useless people of the highest degree to something useful. College was always all about whiling away the maximum time possible in parking or the canteen or the flag post. And now, five minutes of doing nothing in office and I get restless and rush to my team lead and tell him to give me some work or I’ll shout! (Ok…I didn’t exactly tell him that I’ll shout…but I very well meant it!)
Such is the sudden urge to work and make myself useful for all the 8-9 hours that I spend in office….that I take up any and every work assigned to me. Now, don’t think I have no work to do there. It’s just an audit going on and we have no significant work for the time being. Only for the time being! And man I am looking forward to the end of audit and loads of work to do! Funny!
This was one thought….worth mentioning. Apart from this my thoughts included contemplating the songs I would dance on if I were to participate in a dance reality show….and the likes. So I guess I’ll recede now! :)