Sunday Morning Blues...

Its Sunday morning…and it started like every other Sunday morning. Just when I started snuggling up in my blanket, Mom decided to start shouting, “Get up, its 10! Ye bachhe bahut nalayak ho gaye hain!”. I mean who gets up at 10 on Sunday??...I planned to sleep till 12 or 1!
So, I got up and cleaned up my bed (just to make Mom happy) and switched on my computer. It had not even shown the desktop and my Dad came,
“Subah Subah computer! God, what lifestyle you have! Wait, there’s an article in the newspaper…let me get it for you….dekh! This is the lifestyle you should follow…poora padh isse!”
And there it was in front of me. My ideal daily schedule.

6 am: Wake up (Ha Ha!)

6:15 am: Cleansing Drink (what’s that?)

6:30 am: Yoga [ :( ]

8 am: Juice (What the hell! Mom has forbidden me from having juices…she says they are fattening!)

8:30 am: Hip bath, steam bath, ye bath, wo bath (ghar main spa khula hai kya???)

11 am: Visit to the doctor (Daily??? And who will go to office????)

Everything after this assumed that we are useless people with nothing else to do, so sit at home and pamper yourself! Wow!
Give me my salary for doing this and I promise I’ll follow the schedule! This happens every Sunday. I am given a new article about a perfect lifestyle every Sunday, without failing! Plus the weight loss programs for me which Mom designs herself. And she makes sure that I start following them. So, every week I have a new agenda, sorry not a new agenda…the agenda remains the same always….losing weight…every week I have a new plan to carry out for this purpose. And I my defense I do follow them religiously for the first two days of the week. And then I give up.
Ok! My fault I know!
But it’s very difficult to follow these planned schedules. Don’t ask me why…they just are!
And they ask me to go to bed at 9 pm! I am not going to start doing that! Do I have a life or not???