My only blemish...

We’ve always heard of the advantages of being a local-ite. Let me give you one big disadvantage-

You are made to come to office right the next day after Diwali, even when there is no work, because the rest of the team has gone ‘home’ and you are needed as a friggin’ backup!
I mean…backup for what???
There is no work!

And I am sitting here, now writing this post…but looking at my computer screen since morning…refreshing the desktop and mail box endlessly (and no one writes me mails!!).

Sitting idle makes you think…
And whenever I think I chew my nails…hell I hate myself for that. But it’s a childhood habit which I don’t seem to be able to get rid off. Almost every month I resolve to leave my nails alone…but have never been able to stick to the resolution for more than 24 hours. I mean girls are supposed to have beautiful nails, long and manicured while mine look like they were left in a mug full of nail biting bugs!

And I concluded that this is one awful habit I have that I want to get rid of. I am sure everyone has one such habit. Let’s hear it from you!

Question repeat/reframed-

What is that one habit of yours that you really want to get rid of, your only hindrance to being the perrrfect one? (HeHe!)


Nandita Mathews said...

urm...I can think of a long list of things I need to stop doing,stop 'being' and stop thinking for me to becum perfect,but the one thing that lies heavy on my conscience is my (intermittent)ego,ridding it might bring me a lil close to being perfect!
(I am trying to be modest here)
I don't have freaky nail biting and stuffed bear-hugging habits(oops:))like some.:P

Sumanth said...

well, my biggest problem is my laziness....something I easily yield to...though I am doing better nowadays..!