The goods, the bads and the randoms

Going home is so close now. A week later I'd be cuddling in Mum's lap, just how I've been imagining everyday since last the few months.

I'm torn between staying at home and not leaving Mom's side for a second and doing all that I've been thinking I'll do in India and going all the places I want to go to and eating all that I have been deprived of...there's so much to do and very little time. 20 days.
These are going to be the shortest 20 days of my life, and the happiest too!


Why am I not exactly happy when the day I've been waiting for for 6 months now is finally here? Cook's over. And had I been waiting for it or what!

Then why this feeling of leaving behind a year and all that?
Stuff with no explanation.


I'm going to lose Bo-Bu.

They've been so good to me!

They took no time adjusting with me.
They do a small happy dance when I enter the room and greet them.
They did not complain when I couldn't find time to clean their tank or when I broke their tank.
They listen to my random musings.
They waddle their feet frantically in agreement or turn their heads and swim to the other side of the tank in disagreement.
If something I say is beyond the comprehension of the reptile species, they still are nice to me. They blink at me and pretend to be good listeners.

What else can one ask for!

Gosh I'm going to miss them every single time I enter my room and don't find them there.



Nandita Mathews said...

you are going to miss turtles, I don't know what I'll do without luna :X mar jaungi.

ArkAngel said...

Haha....that's probably coz I always knew they have to go one day..