Dont die Mandira..!

There has hardly been an SRK movie that I’ve watched/liked/disliked because of SRK. If I loved DDLJ, it was because of the gorgeous couple he makes with Kajol, their chemistry, the innocent/mushy love story. If I liked Swades, it was because of the simplicity with which the movie has been made, the underlying message, which I agree wasn’t very clear :) ! If I hated Om Shanti Om, it was because the whole package was pathetic, and SRK was just a prominent part of the pathetic-ness, ‘pathetic’ used here to trivialize the feeling.

I guess by now I have conveyed accurately, my take on the King of Bollywood, which is very close to unresponsive.
It was pretty obvious that MNIK would not have been any different. I went to watch the movie for the above-stated gorgeousness and….ummm…no, just that.

I didn’t have many expectations with the much talked about performance by him as a patient of Autism. I mean how different could it have been…every movie has that same stuttering and that famous raising his hands in the air, that patented action of his…same dialogue delivery…what never-seen-before-freshness would he have brought in?

But I was wrong!

The man has surpassed himself…and a lot of other people in his business.

For firsts…he is damn damn cute in the movie!! I mean that cheek-pulling cute! He is so convincing in that child-like role, one can love him in a second. And whatever anyone says…that repeating of words isn’t irritating at all…it’s a part of the character people!

Coming down to the story line, a lot of people found it too good to be true, too perfect for our audience who has been stuffed with real life stuff so much so that they are scared to appreciate anything that might take them to an ideal world.
To all those who found this absurd, I say go watch the movie again for this very thing. Go watch it for believing in a world full of peace. Go watch it for appreciating a man who loves others. Go watch it to get inspired!

What good does it do when you watch a movie like Hurt Locker, which is so close to reality that it sends shivers down your spine! I don’t want to be a part of a world like that….noone does!
Then why do we hesitate in lauding the efforts of a filmmaker who tries to spread some hope out there!

So go…watch it again…love that man who loves everyone…and maybe…just maybe….you’ll also be able to picture a better world.

And yeah…the only funny part was the Barrack Obama look-alike of a President, who looked just too out of place. But then I feel that’s not fair to Bollywood. Hollywood movies themselves have so many examples of using their President look-alikes. It’s unfair to laugh at it just because it’s our home production.

Way to go SRK!


Sid said...

Please, for the love of God, someone define CUTE! What is it exactly that you liked? EVERYTHING you people like is CUTE!

ArkAngel said...

LOL Sidi!!

Anything good is cute! Anything that makes us go awwww!
Or maybe we are just generous with the word :P !

kritika said...

hahahaha !!! aaFTER ALMOst 6 years of knowing us you still can't figure out our usage of CUTE !!! SAD SAD SAD !!!!

DiDo said...

havnt seen the movie... but now i will :)

ArkAngel said...

@ Krits

High five!!

@ DiDo

I'm sure you'll love it! :)

mondodello said...

yup ... awesome stuff ... comparable to his DDLJ antics.

ArkAngel said...

@ mondodello