In that crazy moment...

In a crazy moment of wanting, I tried to get everything I ever dreamt of.

In a crazy moment of penitence, I regretted everything I ever did.

In a crazy moment of happiness, I thanked God for blessing me with so much.

In a crazy moment of defeat, I fought with him for never giving me enough.

In a crazy moment of hilarity, I laughed so hard my eyes turned moist.

In a crazy moment of hesitation, I stopped myself from doing what I wanted to do the most.

In a crazy moment of compassion, I became so selfless people thought I’m obsessed.

In a crazy moment of selfishness, I did something which took me to that crazy moment of penitence.

In a crazy moment of consideration, I didn’t fight when I should have.

In a crazy moment of blabbering, I blurted out all my silly secrets to a stranger.

In a crazy moment of secrecy, I didn’t speak when it was crucial.

In a crazy moment of introspection, I concluded I am not that good.

That crazy moment…that tiny moment, could or could not change my life, but it always changed who I am.


Nandita Mathews said...

like like like like!!!

DiDo said...

me to liked it :) ... this is jst wot happens with everyone of us..!!

Bunty said...

U don't seem to be poet...but..have to say..nice one..:D

ArkAngel said...

@ Bunty


That's very kind! :)

ArkAngel said...

Thanks Nandu!! :)

@ DiDo ... yeah :) !

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