The trip...and some gibberish

Gujaratis are sweet people! Make them eat as much as you want to. That’s the reason you won’t find any eating joint in Ahemdabad that’s not flooded with people. :D

My trip to the Modi-land also, was very sweet!

Incidentally, the day I set foot in the city, it was celebrating this festival called Uttarayan, which is some kite flying festival. And man, do they take it seriously! All you could see there were kites….and you didn’t even have to look up in the sky for that! I think I’d be able to illustrate it better with this pic:

I know…amazing!

What I liked about the city was the weather. Delhi was freezing at that time…and it was so good to be able to see the Sun! :D

What did disappoint me was this hyped Science City which apparently has been proposed by Mr. Modi himself. I say that’s a lot of precious land wasted. We don’t need a Science City wherein the scientific models do not even carry a label telling what they are :|!!

But I loved the lakes of the city…and of course shopping! :)

What started with an almost-hijack and an awesome day that followed ended up as one of my most special trips.


The FM channels are in for a makeover! And I guess it’s for the good…they seem to have realized that listeners had had too much of nothing on air. Repeating two songs ten times in a day is not cool...good now they know that. These days, you can hear all sorts of old and new songs on FM, which I must say is very refreshing!

So, all those who stopped pressing that button on their car stereos, go tune in!



I’m sure you hate it as much as I do when any one from the male community says “Women can’t drive”.

I know it hurts, but how about trying not to give them a reason to!

I tell you some women think their car is the most important thing on the planet!

The other day, this noble lady pulls her car out of the parking lot, not waiting for another one coming from the opposite direction, and blocked the whole lane and just sat there. Like “I wont move…it’s so obvious that you have to reverse ‘your’ car…I’m a lady!”

Believe me it was embarrassing!

So please ladies, unless you know the rules and can handle your car… DO NOT touch that steering!


mondodello said...

lol ... looks like random thoughts succinctly posted here ... for that try using :P !

ArkAngel said...


Tomar said...

Dont know aboout other stories, but ya...Women can't drive.
I vaguely remember you telling me that you never go beyond 2nd gear.

ArkAngel said...

@ Tomar

I was talking about the days when I was learning!! :(