Can't stop smiling :)

Been a crazy month!

Finally relaxing…and going on a vacation too!!! Yay!!

Can’t believe haan?

I know….even I couldn’t when I got the leave! :D

And the moment I got the approval…I didn’t leave a single second in booking my tickets…which I booked, then re-booked, then cancelled, then re-booked :P

But that was because of change in schedule…no one can be unsure about a holiday for God Sake!!

So here I am…all set for spending a full week with masi in Ahmadabad and meeting people I have been dying to meet!

For those who are going to be working while I’m away holidaying, better luck next time :P

And if I sound like a sadist…pardon me…’cause I’m too happy to care right now! :D

Our office team visited an NGO in Nithari village in NOIDA (yeah the same one where the Pandher controversy happened) for some fund donation to a school for drinking water supply. I couldn’t go because of a sign off that was lined up in the same week. The team went to that school, distributed chocolates and food to the children there and clicked pictures with them.

Now, all this is usual…as in, nothing special.

But what was special for me in there was this:

While browsing through those pics, I came across one pic wherein a few of our team members were sitting in a classroom with these children, and right in the front row was a little girl smiling a very cute smile.

This girl is Durga, daughter of one of our previous maids.

She used to come to our place with her mother and sit outside on the stairs. She didn’t go to school then, but she did like studying. Mom gave her a few coloring books and she would sit there on the floor and color them while her mother finished her work. At that time, I had offered our maid to teach Durga, but she was reluctant because she wanted Durga to learn the household work and start helping her with a few houses and bring in some more money.

When I saw her in that picture, sitting with other children in a uniform of her own and books in front of her, I felt an unconscious wave of relief and joy spread inside me.

I cannot explain the feeling. I am just extremely happy that Durga goes to school and is finally doing what she likes.

One more girl child saved!


mondodello said...

Hmmm ... put that picture there! And yeah ... AMD awaits ya, I guess :D!

ArkAngel said...

Yeah...will share that pic soon!

And AMD better be awaiting me! :P

mondodello said...

::fear:: lol!

ArkAngel said...


ArkAngel said...

ok let's stop spamming here :P

Anonymous said...

We are living in an era of contrasts, where at an end some people have n no of options to make while at the other, people struggle for basic amenities.

This writeup fill in the gap of "what you should have done?" and "what did u do?" for someone who does not alter our life in anyway.

Anyway you have a double bonanza to smile for. So get set ready for the most awaited time u look forward for!!

PS: Its too much sweet out there.

DiDo said...

Wow...greatt...happy holidaying..

and yess m so happy for durga...seriouslyy another girl child saved :)

ArkAngel said...

Thanks DiDo! :)

fungus said...

nice! and enjoy ur vacation!

celestialrays said...

happy holidays! and am very happy for Durga :-)

ArkAngel said...

@ Varuni...Thanks!!

@ Celestial Rays...Thanks girl!! :)

I hope my vacation is as cool as i expect rt now :D