The world is going online.

I chat online, I work online, I even sleep online!!! (Remember my zzzzzzzz status on gtalk?)
Then why not choose my husband online???


This and a lot more I faced when I suggested this to my Mom!
Why is it such a big deal?
Whats the harm??

Sounds strange? ...I think not!
Most of us dwell n drool on the same lines –
Why can’t our parents get into the internet trend?
Why can’t they open their minds to our new ideas???

Oh!! Mom!
You don’t even know how to open your mail box!! When will you learn????

I guess the last one is a very common sight… I myself experience it everyday!
And Mom simply gives a meek smile which says – “Please Aastha, do this for me child!”
And then, for a few minutes, I understand her and do her jobs.

In those few minutes, I seem to understand every ORTHODOX n OBNOXIOUS idea that my parents believe in.
The acceptance of simple fact, that the online world is too big and too fast for them to get into just like that, and which I don’t appear to appreciate otherwise, suddenly falls on me like boulders!

“Its all right Mom, I’ll do it… relax!
And she would just give me a look of gratitude and go off to rest. And I am left to plummet into the realizations of their world.

Their...My parents!!!

(I think I have more to be continued...suggestions welcomed)


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