Single…Ready To Mingle!

The complexities of college romances are beyond me!!

I have a dozen couples around me to give an example of! ... Ahha…don’t get too not taking any names.
How people change when they get that special someone!!
Oh noo my dear friend I didn’t mean you!

Ever been the stuck-in-middle-single-friend? ... All my friends seem to find someone or the other….and to worsen it…..their special someone is also my friend!
And I am left alone among a swarm of couples….watching them go hand in hand…giving mysterious smiles to each other….as if im nothing but a tissue paper lying next to them!

HE carries her bag ....SHE makes sure she is behind him every moment!
And if ever I happen to end up in the canteen with them… HA!
He pays for her…he gets her order….
Aastha…shell out 10 if u want to have anything!

So much for friendship!

As I watch them cozying with each other….I feel u rush of embarrassment to be spotted with this madly-in-love twosome…

Every moment spent with them is a constant reminder of my single status…
And THAT is a not good thing for any college student to be reminded of!
Every now and then I wonder what it would be like when I have a partner. I even plan my dates sitting right there...and list all those silly things that I see my friend couple doing….and decide that I won’t be doing this with my date!.... as if im the current love guru and know exactly what has to be done and what not!

People don’t have a sense of choice I tell u!
Yet im the one alone…!
I wonder why!

I feel lonely…
I feel ignored…
I feel left out…

I feel I am not good enough to be loved…else why wudnt I have someone beside me too!
One of my friends even considered hiring a boyfriend to escape from this irksome situation!! Infact we are always consoling each other that we will get someone after college for sure!

But as the fate has to be....a single is a single...

So I set to find new friends who share the same SINGLE status with me!

But alas!
There aint too many left of those!
As if that were not enough…

My couple friends come up to me and tell me…

Don’t u ever think u need to feel uncomfortable when u r with us!
U are our friend!


luv said...

u hav written vry gud...wo baat alag hai mene poora pada nahi hai....he he he he

Ankita Datta said...


You write good and I can sympathize with ur situation. Being single is tough esp. when you are surrounded by couples. :)) I can totally sympathize. Hope, you will find you special someone soon.

ssjsid said...

i smell revenge! hmmmm.....please abstain from sms language if you can

kritika said...

being single can b very tough...... especially in college.... but at the smae time these things can't be forced they have to happen naturally and believe me being single has its benifits u can flirt with any1 u want too!!!!!!!