Happy Birthday Nandu!

Its Nandita's birthday today...and she's upset with me because my last post doesn't have a pic of hers (now we know the reason for over-criticizing the pic...hehe!) and she wants me to put one of her pics on me blog...

I guess I should do this for her on her birthday :)

This one's for you Nandu!



Nandita Mathews said...

oops, cats out of the bag!:D
thank you sooo much mots!!*Bone crunching hug*
ps:I look horrible,couldn't find a better pic eh??,sheesh!:D

Aastha Goyal said...

Oi! I spent 20 minutes looking for a pic in which you wudn't be able to find a flaw..this time I will kill you...SHUSH!!!

Sumanth said...

oh...seeing others photos always drives me into having a look of some of my own....bring a lot of nostalgia...!

by the way, check out my latest post, a book review.

kritika said...

where am i?????

Aastha Goyal said...

Good God!
Where do I get a pic containing all of you guys!!!
and then you want the ones in which you look your best too!!!

I give up!

garima said...

so while looking for nandu's best pic u were also looking for mine's worst?
congrats u succeeded in both!

Aastha Goyal said...

@ garima